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This one comes from my own life, where I try to bring some form of Paganism into my everyday comings and goings. I work in a relatively tall building. While I’m in a centrally located cubicle, there are lots of windows on my floor, and so I try to take advantage of being so close to the sky whenever I can. I like watching clouds for a few moments on a coffee break, or just being aware of the way the sunlight hits the building. It can take a little mental work to feel truly grounded from 9 stories up, but feeling the power of the sun and sky is easy from up here. I do a short version (9-12 breaths) of the two powers meditation up here, and it’s fun to feel the difference from when I’m sitting on the ground.

You could just as easily take an underground train or have class in a basement room that might provide a different perspective, or a stronger connection to the earth power. Are there any places in your daily routine take you high above or underneath the Earth?

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