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Last week’s rune was Berkano, the rune of female strength, flexibility, and resourcefulness. I see that rune reflected both in my relationships last week (during which I spent specific time strengthening my female friendships) and in how I handled what could have been a day-ruining weather event on Saturday. In fact, my entire group of friends showed a remarkable level of general flexibility on Saturday, as we tried several times to get a cookout going (but ended up back at my house, as the wind was so strong we couldn’t get the park grill to cook anything). We made the best of it, and ended up having a really wonderful time.

This week’s rune is Othila – Stationary Wealth, Ancestors, Completion. This is inherited wealth or property, the kind of wealth that is passed from generation to generation and is stable and secure. Safety, increase, and abundance, or perhaps the completion of a task in such a way that it is stable and secure. Acting from your center, with all the support of your ancestors and your heritage, and being secure in their values.

I am starting to think about changing this practice slightly. While it’s useful for me to draw a rune, I am finding that without a specific situation to apply these runes to, they seem to just exist in a void at the beginning of the week. I have no idea how Othila may or may not manifest itself this week, so I’ll just have to see what happens.

I’m actually starting to wonder if runes are going to be a good fit for me again. I still read tarot, and it’s just EASIER. Probably because it’s both more situational/relational and because I’ve been reading the cards for close to 10 years. Still, I feel like I “should” like the runes, being that I’m working in a Norse hearth, so I want to give them more than a few week’s worth of trying. I really like my actual set of runes as well, which usually helps. Maybe I just need to do more readings with them to feel like I can understand how to read and interpret them. It really does feel totally different than the readings I’m used to doing with tarot cards.

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I talked a little about last week’s rune yesterday, so today we’ll just look at this week’s rune. As usual, the question was “What do I need to focus on this week?”

Dagaz: Day – rising sun, new day, deliverance

Day, the glorious light of the Creator, is sent by the Lord;
it is beloved of men, a source of hope and happiness to rich and poor,
and of service to all. – The Anglo Saxon Rune Poem

This is a rune of a bright future, of good hope and promising things to come. It’s certainly a pleasant rune, and one that has a lot of promise to it.

Also, in Dangler’s Very Basics of Runes, he speaks of a sort of divine intervention aspect to this rune, that the blessings it brings are “heaven sent” (53).

I am not sure how this rune will apply this week. Hopefully some aspect of my life will experience a little “redawning” or turning over of a new leaf. Perhaps I’ll have some new clarity on my path in ADF, or some new insights into the relationship I’m developing with the spirit who has been visiting in my meditations? Perhaps this is a runic nudge to “count my blessings”? Or perhaps I’m just due for a few good things to come my way. I find this to be a hopeful rune, if not one that I can immediately place into a situation that’s currently going on in my life. I look forward to seeing how it pans out this week.

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