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SwampDruid: @chronarchy just gotta find a place to plug in, I guess. Also too much “work” and not enough play, I think
chronarchy: @SwampDruid There is always too much work, and not enough play 🙂

As I’ve gotten more and more involved with my Dedicant Path work, I’ve let it become exactly that. Work. Which, of course, it is – important work, and good work. But coming at it with the attitude that it is “work that must be done” is a little stifling.

I’ve been working on my Vision essay (that posted yesterday) and I think that play needs to be part of my vision. It’s so easy for this to be so very very serious all the time, and while I definitely think there is a time to be serious, there is also a time for laughter and childlike wonder at the world that we are supposedly so in love with and tasked with caring for.

One of the things I’ve experienced very strongly with the presence who has been visiting me during certain meditations is a feeling of laughter. It wasn’t expected, really, and I’ve come to find it to be very comforting. It’s not a mean spirited laughter, but a kind, warm, welcoming laughter at my continually serious attempts to make contact.

I am, it seems, trying too hard.

I’m going to work more on letting go and allowing the playful side of Druidry to happen for me, whether that’s just being outside and laughing at the squirrels in my yard, or hugging trees, or talking to the myriad lizards around my house. There is so much potential for wonder and laughter, and I’m not finding much of either recently, and I think I need to refocus to include more of that.

I’m not sure exactly HOW to do that, but it’s something I want to have more of in my Druidry.

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