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Since I’m *STILL* getting hits from a post I did almost two years ago on non-denominational/non-religious grace for meals (specifically Thanksgiving, but also applicable elsewhere), I thought I’d give a little update with two more that I’ve worked on or found recently.

These are both pagan friendly, and use ADF’s cosmology (in that they invoke the Three Kindreds), but they’re simple enough to work for everyday mealtimes.

I’m working on memorizing one or the other (I vacillate between the two day to day) to add to my Liturgy Practicum journal.

This one comes from Jackson Kelly Cole, and is called Kindreds Grace:

By the mysteries of the High Ones,
Through the knowledge of the Old Ones,
From the bounty of the Green Ones,
This is our Feast.
May it keep hale and hearty all who eat it.
May it sustain and nourish all who share it.
May all who gather here feel welcome and wanted.

And this second one is modified from a pagan (read: Wiccan) grace from the November 1964 issue of Pentagram Magazine. It has the advantage of being in rhyme, which makes it somewhat easier to memorize. I have modified it to include references to the Three Kindred and the Earth Mother and be a bit less duotheistic (though I still balk a little at “chiefs of all creation”, I haven’t found a good replacement for that line). If people want, I can republish the original as well.

Answer us, O Ancient Ones;
Provender and power are Thine!
Hear and answer, joyous Green Ones;
Grant us laughter, wit, and wine.
Descend on us, O Thou of blessings,
Come among us, make us glad;
Since Thou art chiefs of all creation,
Why, oh why should we be sad?
Beam on us, O Shining Ones,
Banish heavy hearted hate!
Accept our gifts, O Greatest Mother;
Let cheerful brightness be our fate.
So be it!

So there you have it. Two more mealtime blessings for people to use in their home devotional practices that are pagan friendly. I’ll have to work on some more that are truly non-religious (these are clearly Neopagan), but I am sure there are some good, shorter, everyday meal blessings out there.

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