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One of the things I like best about my wordpress stats is the list of search terms that have led people to this blog. Usually it’s things you’d expect for a neopagan blog, but occasionally I get things that I wish I could actually answer (or things that are amusing). While mine are not nearly as hilarious (or obscene) as other bloggers (NSFW), I still like looking over them to find out what people are actually reading.

Also squirrel.


god of the swamp – I … don’t actually know of any swamp gods. Other than the usual local swamp spirits. Maybe you can talk to them?

druid grove meditation – I’m a solitary Druid, so I don’t do much grove work. Frequently, Druid groves use a variation on the Two Powers meditation, or another grounding and centering meditation to prepare the group for ritual.

how to use a druid phone – there’s a druid phone? Can I get one? I’d like to use my Druid phone to call up my ancestors and chat with them. I wonder what the long distance rates would be?

the magical druid – is an excellent shop run by two dedicated members of ADF. You should check them out.

significance of my ancestors essay – I think this is as significant as you make it. I am still learning to work with my ancestors, but it’s been the ancestors of spirit (other Druids and ancient people) who I’ve had the best luck connecting with. I’m trying to connect more to my own actual family ancestors now.

mental discipline essay – is a big requirement. You need to do 5 months of weekly mental discipline practice and then either submit your journal or an essay of reflections on it. I’m still working on the 5 months part. My best advice is to schedule time to write the journal, and if you’ve not done any meditation that week, you’ll at least do one immediately before writing.

druid tarot app – There’s not specifically a Druid tarot deck that has an app (that I’ve seen), but I like the Mystic Dreamer tarot app.

squirrel – OVER THERE. LOOK!

non-religious/secular/thanksgiving grace – this is by far the most common search term that brings people here, so I thought I’d repost the non-religious, secular grace I modified for Thanksgiving, that you can read about in this original post.

For this meal we are about to eat, let us be truly thankful
for the blessings of sun and wind and rain, that grow the fruits of the Earth

Let us be truly thankful
for those who planted the crops
for those who cultivated the fields
for those who gathered the harvest

Let us be truly thankful
for those who prepared this food and those who served it.

In this time of plenty let us remember too
those who have no festivity
those who cannot share this plenty
those whose lives are more troubled than our own
and all those who are hungry, sick or cold

As we share in this meal, let us be truly thankful
for all the good things we have
for warm hospitality, loving family, and good company.

Our thoughts go out to family and friends who are not here with us;
We hope that they are safe and well.

May this bountiful meal strengthen our bodies, our minds, and our ties to each other.

Which seems like a happy note to end with.


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