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I’ve finished 20 weeks of documented meditation! Yay!

I went back to check though, and my first documentation was on November 5, and I don’t want to lose credit for this because I did “20 weeks” instead of “5 calendar months”, so I’m going to do another two weeks just to make sure. Since I’m doing a lot of meditation right now, that’s not too hard, I just have to remember to write it all down every Monday.

This week I did several sitting meditations (some were very short, so I’m not sure how to count the little 3-5 minute ones, versus the usual 15-30 minute ones). I included one meditation that included the Two Powers, and combined that with Embrace the Tiger, Return to the Mountain moving meditation – I really do wonder if they serve the same purpose. I’ll definitely be writing about that practice as part of my Two Powers/Grounding and Centering essay, since it helps me so much to balance the powers around me, and involves drawing in energy and balancing it within my body.  (I’ve also discovered that there’s enough room in the larger bathroom stall to do this moving meditation at work, which is useful, since I am both very stressed and extremely visible at work. I share a cubicle with three other people, and it opens across from the break room, so it’s a high traffic area.)

I’ve returned to a focus on my mindfulness practice, since I’m struggling with some mental health cycling, so I’m trying to do at least 15 minutes of sitting meditation daily. This, when combined with more trance-like visualization meditation (like the Two Powers, or visiting my Mental Grove) has been really powerful for me, and will probably be the one practice that I continue doing with solid regularity after I finish my “requirement” for the DP.

This week also included my Ostara celebration, and the devotional aspects of that ritual went very well. I’ll have a full write-up tomorrow.

Also, of note this week, when I was sitting in my Mental Grove, I was visited by the Crane. I’m not sure if this is “just” because I’ve been reading about the Order of the Crane (and considering joining it), or because there are bigger subconscious forces at work. I’ll be seeing if I can nurture that relationship. Usually in my Mental Grove I see animals and spirits that I have relationships with, or who are symbolic of the Gods, so this would fit into that pattern if the Crane is seeking me out as well as I am seeking to see if that path will be right for me.

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Added in a new meditation this week! I tried out walking meditation, which went SURPRISINGLY well. I have a standard route that I walk outside, and it was sunny and warmish today, so I figured I’d see if I could do my standard walk as a meditation exercise. I found it pretty easy to focus on observing my walking steps, and found that counting steps and ordering my steps with my breath was a good way to achieve almost a trance state. I wouldn’t do this kind of walk in an unfamiliar place because I think the familiarity helped me really just observe what I was doing once I got into that sort of floaty, mindless state. I didn’t get the full 20 minutes as meditative exercise, but I think I was able to focus/refocus for about 10 minutes. Having nature to watch and being able to move my body was really beneficial. I’ll definitely be doing this again.

My sitting meditation went OK, but nothing special. I don’t feel like I’m getting any better at focusing, even when I do the 9×9 breath exercise. I’m continuing my mental grove work before bed, and that’s been lovely though. It’s becoming a place I can easily reach and visualize.

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