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So it looks like I’m going to get to meet the local protogrove here sometime in the next week or so. Yngvi has been corresponding with them and is working on a time we can all meet in the evening.

After my previous experience, I’m having trouble keeping an open mind about it, but I know if I’m going to do this for real, I need to be on at least communicating terms with the local group. And they may be wonderful people! My impressions from facebook may be totally off base.

I’m still nervous though. I’ve completed the DP, but I’ve not been doing ADF for even two full years yet. I like people, but they stress me out. (Also, the suggested meeting location is an IHOP, and the only thing I can eat at IHOP is fried eggs, because they put pancake batter in their scrambles and omelets, and I have celiac disease!) I know they have a Celtic focus (Irish, I think), but I don’t know much else about the group.

New things, new directions. I am getting pushed out of my comfort zone a lot recently with ADF. But that’s what happens when you start making oaths, I suppose.

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