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I learned this charm from a former teacher. I’m not finding a source via a quick google search, though there are a few different versions floating around. This is the one I learned:

Look to the moon when she is round
Luck with you will then abound
All you seek for shall be found
In sea, or sky, or solid ground

I was taught to say the charm while turning a piece of silver in my palm and “charging” it in the moonlight; usually I use one of my silver rings for this!

Blessings of the full moon to you!

I got to see the full moon this morning on my drive to work (the full moon is surprisingly quite high in the sky at 5:45am), as well as getting to see the local bat colony in action around my neighborhood. My commute time doesn’t change, but the sun is changing in the sky, and it’s just the right twilight time now when I’m driving to be out when the bats are having their dinner.

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