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This course will prepare the student for being an Initiate by giving them basic instruction in divinatory work, as well as an introduction to doing divination for ritual and others.


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I’ve started and stopped this post three or four times today, so I’m going to give it one more go and see how it turns out. If it’s terrible, I’ll just delete back to this point and say “yup, still trying to do this stuff” and post it.

So I’ve been in this rebuilding phase, and it’s worked out pretty well for me. I’ve done some magical work, plus some ritual work, and all told I feel like I’m a little better grounded than I have been in awhile. (Which is good, because this is week seven of practice, and I only have to journal for four months, so it’d be a real shame if I got through all four months and never figured out my practice.)

This week was my lunar retreat week, and I got the following runes:

  • Eoh – the Yew: something reliable, but that is easily overlooked. (All that is gold does not glitter)
  • Mann – Man/Mankind/Humanity: Community, other people, support and strength in numbers, relationships (can be positive or negative)
  • Rad – the Journey: the journey is always hardest when you’re actually doing it, and seems easy to the people who are not actually there with you

I haven’t put them in my spreadsheet yet, but I’m feeling like they’re pretty pertinent to where I am on this spiritual journey right now. I do know that my tribe has been a huge source of strength, and that this does feel like a journey.

Part of me wonders if the overlooked part of this has been my relationship with my gods – while I’ve done some small things for them, I haven’t been nearly as connected as I was in the past. Some of this is due to not really knowing how my relationship with them will continue to work, especially Frige. As a goddess of hearth and home, it’s weird to be living in an apartment I don’t own, as well as to be in the process of getting divorced. It’s an odd dichotomy to the life I used to live, and I’m finding that I don’t know how to relate to her like I did when I was “running a home”. (Even though I still work from home, it doesn’t feel the same as it did when I was more domestically focused.)

Same goes, to some extent, for Ing-Frea, though he has seemed closer lately. Without my garden, it’s harder to connect to the earth (and I’m on the third floor, so pots on the porch are literally the best I can do). He was the first deity to “knock on my door”, so to speak, and so it’s always easy to just lay things out for him, but it doesn’t feel the same after all that I’ve been through.

My relationship with Hela has been very much an as-needed one, unlike the other two, and I have not felt called to her work so much lately – which is odd, as you would think she would welcome this level of life transformation. But the connection is not really there either.

The change doesn’t seem to be on *their* parts so much as it is on mine though, hence my thinking this is the part of my practice that I’ve overlooked. Hopefully I can begin working on that over the next few weeks, add some meditation back into my weekly routine, and see whether those relationships are going to continue or if that aspect of my life is going to change again.

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6. Describe the results of three divinations performed by you. These divinations may be text assisted. (minimum 100 words each)

5/5/2014, 7pm – Question from a friend

“My 90 days at Job2 is going to be up soon, and I’ll have health insurance. Should I turn in my 2 weeks today at Job1, or work both jobs for an extra 2 weeks and save up some extra money?”

  • Peorth – an unpredictable outcome, a gamble
  • Gyfu – a gift, reciprocity
  • Eoh – yew tree, reliability, overlooked resources
  • Rad – the journey

I’d say for sure you are supposed to stick it out at Job1 for another two weeks. There’s some risk to doing so, probably to your health (nobody likes working 2 jobs), but you’re doing your due diligence there and proving to be a reliable asset. And you shouldn’t overlook the resources that are an extra two week’s pay! You’re still on the journey to your new home with Job2, but you haven’t arrived yet.

5/2/2014, 8pm – Beltane Ritual, Live Oaks Study Group (not text assisted)

What blessings do the Ancestors offer us? Daeg – The Day, blessings that shine upon the poor and the wealthy alike. We are favored by the ancestors at this time, though it may not be for anything special that we are doing.

What blessings do the Nature Spirits offer us? Ear – The grave, finality, endings, sadness. This is a challenging blessing, but I see it representing the end of our study group as a separate entity. We will have growing pains as we integrate with the protogrove, and that may not be trivial, and will come with some amount of sadness.

What blessings do the Deities offer us? Rad – The journey. Even though there may be some challenges in front of us, the eventual outcome is that we’ll be where we’re needed most. And that place will become a home for us.

Note: After discussing the Omen, we decided to make additional offerings, as Ear seemed ill suited as a blessing. We drew an additional rune afterward, to see if those offerings were enough, and drew Is – things are not as nice as they seem, take careful action, go no further. We determined that this was a “tentatively yes, but get your stuff better organized next time” answer. (The ritual’s offerings were not well put together, and several had been left off of the organization list, and got skipped during the ritual.)

5/9/14, 6pm – Reading for a friend

Can you give me some insight into how to build my relationship with the kindreds?

  • Cen (face down) – Torch – light, fire, creation, if uncontrolled – destruction
  • Eoh (face down) – Yew – reliability, something overlooked, “all that is gold does not glitter”
  • Gear (face down) – Year – fulfillment, reward for hard work, plenty, right order
  • Eolh (face down) – Elk Sedge – protection, danger, careful action, warning
  • Ior – Beaver/Eel – Adaptability, Flexibility

Fire in the head, reliable offerings, reward for hard work, protection/careful action, adaptability.

BE FLEXIBLE. The only rune face up in this reading suggests that this is the biggest sticking point, though I think the others are important as well. Make offerings, be reliable, don’t rush the outcome, be careful not to rush in, and everything will work out in the end.

Altogether, these runes made a reverse Nyd rune based on their position when I threw them on the table – Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

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