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At work, I have to change my password every 90 days, which is just about right in time with the changing seasons.  For a daily (or multiple times per day) reminder, make your password a cue to take a deep breath and remember your connection to the season and to nature.

This has the added benefit of helping you remember what your password actually is.

Note: If your IT department sometimes requires your password to access or troubleshoot your computer, choose seasonal, rather than holiday, passwords. Not that I expect my IT department to know what Imbolc is, but it’s still easier to explain SpringFlowers.

Also Note: This is how I come up with the BASIS for my passwords. Obviously most passwords are required to contain special characters and numbers, but there are lots of ways to add those in, once you have a good, rememberable base word.

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Since this week I am celebrating Thanksgiving with the rest of the United States, our Druid Tip is related to family gatherings and big feasts.

When you spend a lot of time making a big meal, consider taking a little bit of it outside as a sacrifice to your local Nature Spirits and Land Spirits.

I have an old stump in a corner of my yard where I like to leave food offerings to the local spirit life. Even if you live in an apartment, you can put a little bread with peanut butter out for the birds, or leave a little offering to the critters who might stop by in one of the green spaces of the apartment complex. Remembering the local spirits when you’re having a big feast is another little way to bring Druidry into your life.

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Most of us have a daily commute, whether on foot, on a bike, in a car, or on a bus. This Secret Druid Tip is a challenge to find a bit of nature on that commute – even if it’s just the weeds in the sidewalk – and recognize the Nature Spirits that live there. Say hello to them, watch how they change over the course of a week or a month. If you can, bring a little offering – a silver bead for a little stream, a bit of clean water for some weeds, a pecan for a squirrel. See if this helps you feel more in tune with the Nature Spirits around you.

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From the ADF-Dedicants list this week:

Some of us make our offerings while standing at the elevator pouring part of our cup of water into a nearby potted plant

If you’re a Druid in the Office like I am, here’s a little way to honor the Nature Spirits around you, even if they’re little Office Nature Spirits.

There are two plants in my immediate cubicle, plus a number of assorted low-light plants around the office. I could make a little splash of water in offering to them pretty much unnoticed, and it would take me awhile to visit them all. Just one more creative way to bring Druidry into the mundane aspects of life.

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So I’m an in-the-broom-closet pagan, and I don’t think that’s going to change. My family is loving and kind, but extremely Christian, I don’t want to end up as an abassador for neo-pagandom, and I don’t feel like discussing my religion at work.

However, if I’m going to be a Druid, I wouldn’t really be in the broom closet.

Instead, I shall be a Secret Agent Druid.

I shall practice rogue acts of secretive and subversive Druidry.

Like leaving offerings in a local park, or meditating next to the bayou (and hoping I don’t find an alligator). Or picking up some trash. Or doing the Two Powers meditation when I’m feeling low on energy at work. My work also has a “Green Team”, which I will join as soon as I figure out how. Secret Agent Druid in the Office!

I’ve already stepped up my offerings to the land spirits in my yard – they got some of the homemade venison chili I made last night. I don’t know if land spirits like chili, but it was gone this morning, so I figure they didn’t reject it! I also have an altar in my house, but it looks like a collection of pretty candles and bowls, with an incense burner, so it’s not really that suspicious unless you know what you’re looking for.

I suppose I could call it “Random Acts of Druidry”, but Secret Agent Druid sounds cooler, so I’m going to stick with that.

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